In 1990, there was a forest.
Gradually, we turned it into an olive grove with a surface area of 3 ha.
There was a time of nice weather and a time of drought, a time of joy and a time of disease.
The years went by and our thousand trees grew into a green and gray carpet covering the Istrian terraces in the hinterland of Istria, on the Kocina slope, in Jagodje, and in the village of Grbci (in the municipality of Izola).

It was not only the olive grove that expanded, but also the Bajda family.

Each year, we do all necessary works. At the beginning of every fall, we are ready to prepare everything so that the fruits of our trees will be harvested in optimum time and that not only our oil but also that of our clients will flow smoothly from our mill.

To be good, better, the best!

We believe in progress and development. And we know that really good things require time, knowledge and experience.

Many years of hard work and learning-by-doing resulted in unique products  of excellent quality  that have been winning certificates  and recognizability in the Slovenian and international area.

Olive oil is a juice of the olive tree,
choose the one that suits you most…